Hello and welcome to my site

I have taken a keen interest in photography for some time and here I’d like to show you some of my favourite photos. I mainly take landscapes, city & architecture and nature shots.

I currently work on a European Union project in Ukraine that is helping the development of civil society and if you are interested you can find more about by clicking here.  

I have become a fan of Sony and use the Sony A7Riii a fabulous camera, along with a number of different Sony lenses.

In my photo journey, I’ve been inspired by a number of photographers. Today taking a photo is but half of the process. I’ve spent along time trying to master lightroom and photoshop and enjoy the post-processing as much as the taking of the photo itself. In this I’ve learned a lot from Serge Ramelli and Blake Rudis. For anyone getting into photography and I cannot recommend highly enough to follow Chelsea and Tony Northrup.

I post a lot on Instagram and Facebook so do check out those for recent photos.

If you would like to purchase prints or would like to licence or get a download, then do contact me.

Thanks so much for visiting this site and I hope you enjoyed and will come back. 

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