John Wright photography


Hello and welcome to my photography website.

I have taken a keen interest in photography over the past while and here you can find what I believe to be my best work. The portfolio section is a collection of my favourite images and there are then categories for landscapes, places and nature, reflecting the genres of photos that I mainly take.

I also work on a European Union project in Ukraine that is helping the development of civil society.  

I hope to develop my blog with stories around the photos here and other reflections on photography.

I tend to post quite a lot on Instagram and Facebook so do check out those for recent photos.

Aso, if you would like to purchase prints or would like to licence or get a Digital download, then do contact me, or click through here, whether the process should be automatic.

Thanks so much for visiting this site and I hope you enjoyed and will come back. 

If you would like to contact me, please feel free and drop a line to,